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Have you been seriously injured in a work-related accident? Are you frustrated about the delays in the process? Are you confused about why your workers’ compensation claim was denied?

Pursuing workers’ compensation benefits can be a challenging process, especially without the help of an experienced lawyer. At the Law Offices of Charles W. Kranstuber, LPA, in Columbus, Ohio, we concentrate our practice on helping injured and disabled workers obtain the workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled. With nearly three decades of experience handling Ohio workers’ compensation claims, we have the knowledge of the law and skills necessary to help you through the appeals process.

Workers’ Comp Claim Denied? We Can Help.

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It is common for a work-related injury to get denied upon initial application to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). Workers’ compensation claims are commonly denied due to the following:

  • Lack of medical documentation
  • Alleged preexisting conditions
  • The injury was not work-related
  • Filing deadlines were missed
  • Technical errors in the workers’ comp application

Medical Documentation In Workers’ Comp Cases

While you may have provided medical documentation of your work injury, the documentation submitted in your initial application for workers’ compensation benefits might not have met the standards of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. As an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer and certified specialist in Ohio Workers’ Compensation law, Law Offices of Charles W. Kranstuber, LPA, knows Ohio laws, regulations and standards that must be met.

When handling your appeal to the Ohio Industrial Commission, we work with your doctors to ensure full, accurate documentation of your work-related injury is provided. In addition, because we recognize the time-constraints in the workers’ compensation appeals process, we put pressure, when necessary, on medical professionals to expedite this process.

There are strict time limits for appealing denied workers’ compensation claims. Don’t wait or you may lose the right to obtain workers’ comp benefits.

Experienced Workers’ Comp Appeals Lawyer On Your Side

Attorney Charles W. Kranstuber has a long track record of success representing injured and disabled workers before the Ohio Industrial Commission. In addition, his extensive experience equips him to identify other types of potential claims and sources of compensation that injured workers may be entitled to for their injuries.