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Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio Workers’ Compensation

If I Am Hurt On The Job, What Should I Do?

If you are injured at work you should report this to your employer and seek medical attention. You have the right to a free choice of physicians, which means that you can pick any workers’ compensation certified provider. The first report of injury, which is a bureau form, can be completed either by the injured worker, provider, or employer. After the first report of injury is filed, the bureau within a very short time will assign a claim number to your case. This does not mean that your claim is allowed, but simply is a number which the bureau will use to track information that comes with your claim. It is important that you obtain representation at this stage of the process since there are many technical time frames that may apply to your claim.

Can My Claim Be Appealed To Court?

After your claim has been adjudicated by the Ohio Industrial Commission, any party may appeal the allowance of the claim to the Court of Common Pleas. At this point the Ohio Attorney General may become involved. It is essential that the injured worker have legal representation in the event of such an appeal.

The Bureau Has Contacted Me Regarding A Lump Sum Settlement. Should I Settle My Claim?

Settlement of your claim is entirely up to you. Neither the bureau nor your employer can force you to settle your claim and give up your right to future compensation. Whether or not you settle your claims should be closely analyzed by an attorney representing you who can assess the future value of your claim and negotiate an appropriate amount to give up those future rights.